We Innovate

We innovate systematically, continuously and successfully. We constantly look at what your compset is doing so that you achieve better KPIs.

Hospitality expert

We understand the challenges of running an independent hotel and we know how hard it can be to find digital talents willing to work in the hospitality field.

A Full Service

We are a full service digital marketing for your hotel. Our services range from community management to online advertising.

Our goal is to help your hotel achieve great results online. We have the expertise, we save you time and money.

Louis Regis

Managing director of heybot

Heybot technologies is a Facebook & Google partner, thus ensuring our true expertise in the digital sphere. We leverage our hospitality education and network to always make sure our digital strategies are the best.

about us

We genuinely care about your independent hotel

We have the tools in hand to help you pay less commissions to OTAs while achieving the same occupancy rate

We are passionate about digital marketing and hotels, with previous experiences in both sectors


Services We Provide

Community management

We help you to animate your social platforms in order to increase your guests' engagement, leading to higher and broader hotel awareness.

Social media advertising

Our social media advertising services help you generate immediate results on social media. We connect your hotel to thousands of people who may be interested in staying at your hotel.

Graphic design/photography

Our professional photographer and graphic designer will help you create beautiful visuals for your hotel. We level up the experience your guests have with your brand.

Chatbot & Artificial Intelligence

Our custom built messenger chatbots will make it easy for your customers to book a room in your hotel, engage with your brand and get answers to questions in seconds

Social Media Training

Why not offer an ongoing social media training course that allows us to share all the insights we get from our work and past experiences with your employees in charge of social media ?

Technology Advisory

We advise you on the best technology solutions currently used in the hospitality field. We recommend you tools that can help your independent hotel thrive.

Thriving for the best

An Agency with a startup attitude

  • Affordable services

  • Tailored-made solutions

  • Very responsive

  • Not satisfied ? get reimbursed

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Office In
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+33 6 72 05 15 10




18 route de Cojonnex
1000 Lausanne 25

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